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Metropolis was founded in 1994 as Tokyo Classified, a compendium of casual and professional English-language ads distributed with the Daily Yomiuri newspaper. Rebranded as Metropolis in 2001, the magazine is now independently owned by Japan Partnership Inc., with between 20,000 to 30,000 copies distributed to over 600 locations in the Kanto area every two weeks. Boasting the largest distribution of any English-language magazine in Japan, we’re proud to say that Metropolis is one of the first sights to greet new arrivals at Narita Airport.

Japan’s No. 1 English Magazine

Metropolis doesn’t cover the past: we show you the future—online, in print and in person. With a focus on upcoming events and exhibitions—including the city’s most comprehensive events listings—we keep visitors and residents alike tuned into what’s happening in the world’s greatest conurbation.

Our flagship website and varied social media services track hot bars and restaurants both new and old, while our monthly party event keeps the Tokyo community connected, informed and energized. Our listings and classifieds offer a forum for corporate players and indie artists alike, and we even offer rant space for readers with beefs about the issues of the day. All this in addition to our regular litany of music, art, movies, lifestyle and entertainment.

A Metropolis reader is anyone with an interest in Japan, be it as broad as the latest national music craze or as precise as the best vegan meal in Meguro-ku. If it can slake your curiosity or ease your life on the ground, we’ll make sure it gets to you.


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