In Focus

Every print issue, Metropolis features a photo on page 3—a fresh, striking image that captures the mood of the city and the nation. The In Focus photo is the first thing readers see when they open the magazine.

We’re looking for submissions of quality images that have not been published in other English-language magazines in Japan.

How to submit your photo

Digital images can be submitted using the form below, and must meet the following minimum specifications:

Format:jpg, tif, eps or png
Size:W:2480 pixels x H:1536 pixels
Or: W:8.3in x H: 5.2in
Or: W:22cm x H:13cm
(Digital images must be at least 4.0 megapixels using the largest format available)
(If sending a 72dpi file, multiply the sizes specified above by 4)

Please do not send prints, positives or negatives.

Submit your photo

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Where the photo was taken

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Terms of use

We regret that we are unable to accept any submission that does not include all of the above information, or meet the minimum specifications, nor can we return prints, positives or negatives as we are no longer accepting them.

By submitting photos for In Focus, you agree to let Metropolis publish any or all of those photos in the In Focus section in one issue of the magazine each, and on the website in perpetuity, without charge. If you no longer want photos previously submitted to be published you must contact the editor in chief, or call 03-4588-2291.

We regret that we may not be able to cancel publication of photographs that have already passed a certain stage in the production process, a decision that will be made by the editor in chief and/or art director.