Originally published on on May 2012

Unsuspecting tourists are in for a pleasant surprise as American-born Japanese illusionist Cyril brings his unique brand of street magic to the beach in the upcoming AXN Mystery channel’s Cyril’s Family Vacation Hawaii Edition. “This new series features me and ‘my family’ on holiday in Hawaii, surprising unsuspecting tourists and locals with magical moments,” Cyril told Metropolis. “It’s quite funny to see the reaction of the people.”

The international production is yet another milestone for the performer who got his start in Japan performing street magic and card tricks for passers-by around Tokyo. Cyril admits that he loves taking a live audience on a journey when he is onstage, but a “different type of adrenaline” and approach are needed in front of TV cameras. “Shooting a TV series is fun as well, but the preparation and the timing are different,” he explains. “We can set up a scene differently for a TV show, whereas for a live show, I have just one shot and there is no second take—so for sure there is a different focus and mindset there.”

Thanks to his numerous TV specials and online presence, Cyril has been called “the world’s first cyber magician.” But he is not above returning to his roots. “I do get stopped on the street on occasion to do a trick or two,” he says, “and I never mind doing it.”

As Cyril’s motto is “magic is everywhere!” we couldn’t resist asking him how Metropolis readers can find magic in their daily lives. “Always believe!” the magician says. “Believe in yourself, believe in others, and believe in magic… it’ll find its way into your life.”

The six-part Cyril’s Family Vacation Hawaii Edition will air from May 26 (Sat) at 8pm on AXN Mystery.