Some are saying this is better than the 2016 original, others not as good. I’d say they’re about the same.

They’re both knowing, much-needed spoofs of the tiresome superhero genre (but this is low-hanging fruit). Both feature a sarcastic, trash-talking, motor-mouthed mutant super-anti-hero (Ryan Reynolds, a co-writer). They both float on a veritable tsunami of humorous one-liners and sight gags (with a few guffaws thrown in). They’re self-aware to a fault and constantly kinetic.

And both are seriously marred by unnecessary ultraviolence. Is it just me?

The movie’s main superpower is its ability to make you think you’re in on the joke and to simply hold itself together to the degree it does.

Overall, a pretty fun time at the movies that would probably have been a better antidote to Avengers overload had it not, when not cracking wise, so closely resembled the genre it’s satirizing. Stay for the closing credits. For that matter pay attention to the opening ones. (119 min)