Yoshinoya x Pokemon Collaboration

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Yoshinoya x Pokemon Collaboration

Jan 20, 2020 at 10:00 am - Mar 18, 2020 at 10:00 pm

¥448 – ¥498
Yoshinoya x Pokemon Collaboration

Known for its juicy gyudon, the beef bowl restaurant Yoshinoya this year celebrates its 120 anniversary. Picking up the never ending hype of Pokemon, the food chain this winter offers its most beloved menu item served in charming Poke-bowls. Cleverly enough Yoshinoya’s collaboration features six characters that all have “-don” (as for bowl) in their Japanese names: Lizardon (Charizard), Yadon (Slowpoke), Utsudon (Weepinbell), the two Tritodon (East and West Sea Gastrodon) and Groudon.

Customers can choose between the three set meals of Pokemori Gyudon, Pokemori Kids Gyudon and Pokemori Kids Curry. All options come with a special package designed fruit juice and a Pokemon figure. As the fire-, water-, psychic- and plant type characters hide on the bottom of the bowl, they cannot be discovered until finishing the dish. Although the desirable serving bowls are not for sale themselves, guests in a hurry may order take away and get their food in a similar-looking to-go container.

Yoshinoya x Pokemon Collaboration

The first phase of this special collaboration stretches until 18 March and is available at Yoshinoya stores nationwide. Whether being a committed figure collector, Pokemon devotee or simply a gyudon lover – Yoshinoya makes it easy to decide where to have lunch tomorrow.

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