Michael Moore’s take on the current political crisis in America answers, in the filmmaker’s inimitable phrasing, the question everyone’s been asking: “How the f**k did we get here?”

This is an angry, provocative and incisively funny movie, and one that everyone, regardless of political stance, should see. Moore is basically saying, “Get mad about something and act on it now while that’s still an option.”

Moore has never tried to hide his political opinions. But while Trump & company are his main (and easiest) targets, this is not a mere left-wing rant. He argues that it’s the system that’s broken, and takes potshots at the Dems, Obama and even The New York Times.

This ferocious call to action may be Moore’s best movie; it’s certainly his most urgent. To its detriment, the film suffers from his trademark scattershot approach and grandstanding. He’s all over the map here. But the thing is, even his tangents are thought-provoking.

The film’s unsettling, underlying message is that the orange poltroon currently defiling the White House is not the cause of the country’s increasing polarization, but a symptom. Well, that just scares the living s**t out of me. (128 min)