This is the delightfully based-on-true, Dwayne Johnson-produced origin story of the World Wrestling Entertainment superstar lady wrestler known as Paige (Florence Pugh). The offspring of the eccentric Knight family, a small-time wrestling clan (mom and dad played flawlessly by Lena Headey & Nick Frost), Paige and her brother are thrilled when invited to a WWE tryout, then crushed when only Paige makes the cut. 

The undersized scrapper travels to Florida for competitive training (under wise-cracking coach Vince Vaughn), where she must develop her nascent skills and overcome not only the abuse from sneering, prettier combatants but also her brother’s simmering resentment.

Director Stephen Merchant applies a constantly amusing, surprisingly delicate touch to a decidedly indelicate sport, deftly balancing spectacle with compassion, and never stooping to condescension or patronizing. You go, girl!

108 min, Nov 29