If Pulp Fiction, for better or worse, revived John Travolta’s flagging career back in 1994, this kind of derivative direct-to-DVD action drivel could send him back to well deserved oblivion. When the wife of an average family man is randomly murdered and the corrupt cops are no help, he decides to go after her laughably generic killers. Ah, but (spoilers!) it turns out her death was no accident, and the average guy just happens to be a retired black-ops mercenary with a lethal skillset. Didn’t Liam Neeson already make this movie? Plus side: Christopher Meloni as his well-armed sidekick. Note to Travolta: This lazy, paint-by-numbers nonsense is what Steven Seagal does. Think about it. And, geez, lose the silly wig. (92 min) (Japanese title: Revenge List.)