A squad of GIs is parachuted into Normandy on the eve of D-Day to blow up a crucial bridge or something, but runs afoul of a sinister Nazi lab that’s developing an indestructible super-soldier. Still reading? Take every WWII trope you can think of – impossible yet vital mission, tough-as-nails platoon leader, smartass Brooklynite, frightened greenhorn — add a little Raiders of the Lost Ark vibe, a touch of grindhouse aesthetic, a heavy dose of schlock, a really loud soundtrack and overly dramatic score, and then throw the whole thing into a big pot of Nazi-sploitation stew and you’ll get an inkling of what to expect from this J.J.Abrams-supervised trainwreck.

Bottom line: not my cup of tea, but gets credit for trying something new, and if you can get past the ultra-violence and copious gore, it has more to say than you might have thought. Just not a lot more. (110 min)