SHORTSHORTS Film Festival & Asia 2021

Accredited by the Academy Awards, and one of Asia’s largest film festivals, SHORTSHORTS Film Festival & Asia (SSIF & ASIA) 2021 will be held in Tokyo and on online, from from Friday, June 11 to Monday, June 21. Online viewing…

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Okinawa Matsuri Street Music Festival

Okinawa Matsuri is the largest event in mainland Japan where you can experience authentic Okinawan culture. Maybe the weather is not as hot, and the air not so full of a sea breeze, but taking a bite of classic Okinawan…

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Kurayami Matsuri 2021

Centered in Fuchu, the is one of the oldest of its kind in Tokyo. Every year, portable shrines known as mikoshi are carried around, but only in darkness to allow the gods’ divine spirit to remain unseen—hence the name kurayami…

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