Solo Star Wars movie Hans review

Solo: A Star Wars Story

This is what happens when you sell your franchise to Disney. Oh, there’s nothing really wrong with it as unnecessary prequels go, but it will appeal most to moviegoers who really, really needed to see more space battles and weird…

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Winchester movie Helen Mirren review Horror


The San Jose tourist attraction Winchester Mystery House is a sprawling collection of architectural oddities, built with no apparent master plan by the mad widow of the rifle maker. Of course it’s inevitably rumored to be haunted by the spirits…

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Brigsby Bear Movie poster Tokyo SNL comedy

Brigsby Bear

And now for something unabashedly different. The 20-something James (“SNL”’s Kyle Mooney) was kidnapped as an infant and raised in a sealed desert biodome. His only connection to “reality” has been a cheesy kids’ TV show his parents produced for…

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