Jumanji Movie poster review Tokyo welcome to the jungle

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

I put off seeing this movie, vaguely remembering its 1995 predecessor as a lame SFX extravaganza elevated to the (barely) watchable level by Robin Williams. But I’m here to tell you I had a ball. Four stereotypical US teens are…

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Citizen Jane documentary movie still Tokyo review

Citizen Jane: Battle for the City

In the mid-20th century, “city planners” such as Robert Moses, gleefully tore down New York City’s wonderful neighborhoods in favor of utopian housing schemes and massive expressways. The buildings would become known as “the projects,” and look how that turned…

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Red Sparrow

A Bolshoi prima ballerina breaks a leg and is (naturally) sent to a government whore school to learn how to use her wiles as weapons. While Jennifer Lawrence’s sheer star presence can make any film compulsively watchable, I’m kind of…

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The Commuter Movie still review Tokyo

The Commuter

A freshly fired, cash-strapped, ex-NYC-cop insurance salesman is anonymously offered, during his homeward commute, a ton of money to locate on the train a possible witness to a murder. It’s an offer he can’t refuse. He then realizes, considerably later…

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Unlocked Movie poster Tokyo review


An expert but spiritually wounded CIA interrogator, or “unlocker” (Noomi Rapace), realizes she’s being set up, and has to run for her life, negotiating a veritable forest of lame plot twists and espionage-flick tropes (digital readouts counting down, etc.) to…

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