Otsuka Plogging

Ekolokal will hold its first plogging event in Otsuka in collaboration with Saiko Plogging Run on Sunday June 12th! 📣 How about jogging and picking up trash for a cleaner planet and for your own health? 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🚮🙌 After the plogging…

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Earth Day Tokyo 2021

Started in 2001 as part of the global Earth Day movement, Earth Day Tokyo kicks off once again this year to raise the significance of sustainability, inclusivity and the city’s environmental protection. Groove your way to green living by exploring…

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Sustainable Fashion Tokyo

“Sustainable,” is more than just a growing trend and sure a strong key word more attention in the fashion industry. In response to the strong demand from the industry, SUSTAINABLE FASHION TOKYO is newly launching as EXPO from 2021 March…

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