Valentine’s Time Limited Drink at Tully’s

Greatly popular for its pretty color and its berry-like sweetness, the ruby chocolate is now on everyone’s lips (and tongues). Coffee chain Tully is not late to pick up the trend. As the pastel colored spring and Valentine’s Day is…

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Tokyo Skytree Skating Park 2020

It is winter and time for skating! Held at Sky Arena, 4th floor of Tokyo Skytree Town, Tokyo Skytree Town Ice Skating Park will be open from early January 2020. First timers, ice hockey devotees and pirouette pros, regardless of…

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Kamakura Kanko Strawberry Farm

Winter and early spring means Japanese strawberry season. Starting from December to late April various farms throughout the country hold strawberry picking events for visitors to (at fixed price and often for a limited time-span) pick and taste as many strawberries…

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