ARK Hills will hold “ARK HILLS CHRISTMAS 2021” from November 19 – December 25 with the theme of “connection with the forest.” Featuring elaborate illuminations, the event also proposes an opportunity to think about environmental conservation and on Saturdays throughout…

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Tango lessons at Doble A Studio

Tango lessons by Lucas and Paula, the 2010 Buenos Aires Tango Pista champions Lucas Carrizo & Paula Tejeda, the 2010 Buenos Aires Tango Pista Champions, will be teaching Tango lessons in Sengoku, Tokyo from October. They have profound experience and…

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Shinohara Maruyoshi Fuurin Workshop

Charismatic master craftsman Shinohara-san has been creating fuurin (traditional Japanese wind chimes) for over 45 years in his shop that has been open since the Edo period. Unlike regular wind chimes that you might come across at your local home center, the…

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