Viewed through the eyes of a wildly imaginative seven-year-old, an unwelcome infant brother arrives in a business suit and sporting wing tips, a gold Rolex and an attaché case. Seems he represents something called Baby Corp., and was assigned to this world to battle rival organization Puppy Co. for the adoration it needs to survive.

Boss Baby Movie still review Tokyo Alec Baldwin

This one-joke high concept is funny until it isn’t, which is about 20 minutes in. Clearly this is trying (too hard) to attain a Monsters, Inc. vibe, but it just comes off as a rip-off. The plot is hopelessly and pointlessly convoluted, and it soon becomes cloying and contrived, whereupon it falls back on hyperactive chase and action scenes.

The director is Tom McGrath, the man responsible for the three Madagascar movies. ‘Nuff said.

Bright spot: the mini-exec is voiced by Alec Baldwin. Other audible talent includes Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow and Steve Buscemi. Bottom line: This one fails to deliver. (97 min)