Legendary Irish pub Dubliners’ has become an institution in Tokyo over the years. With five branches dotted throughout the city, everyone has their favorite location. Bringing the best of Ireland to Tokyo with a comprehensive variety of beers and food, Dubliners’ is a real gem of a drinking establishment.

Dubliner's Pub

From Feb. 1 to March 12, Dubliners’ is introducing its Pub Crawl campaign where visitors receive a stamp on their stamp card (available from all five branches) for purchasing a pint of beer or cider. Once you have collected five stamps (one from each location) you will receive a happy card which entitles the holder to happy hour prices all day long. That should make any drinker very happy indeed.


There are, naturally, a few stipulations such as signing your card which can only be used by the signatory and if the card holder breaks any of the rules then the card will be marked as invalid.

The Dubliners’ Pub Crawl campaign, then, is a great excuse to roam around the city picking up stamps and the opportunity to check out all the locations, make some new drinking buddies on the way and the chance to get your Guinness-stained mitts on the much sought after happy card.

Check the Dubliners’ homepage for more details about each location.