Metropolis is looking for young (20s to early 30s), adventurous, foreign travel buffs with social media savvy for an all-expenses-paid travel project in February 2018. We require applications to be in groups of two or three (perfect for couples or friends – one member of each party is required to have conversational Japanese ability).

The dates are as follows: February 3rd/4th Yamagata, 7th/8th Aomori, 9th/10th Fukushima, 10th/11th Akita and 23rd/24th Iwate.

Candidates will be required to attend an orientation approximately one week prior to the tour. Spots are limited so apply as early as possible. Final date for applications is January 5th 2018.

Please submit your name and the names of the other people in your group in the box below (maximum 3 people per group).

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