Photorealist artists project photos taken from books and newspapers onto big canvas: Richter has become one of the major exponents of photo painting that brought him among the top contemporary german painters of the 21st century, selling some of his…

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Bauhaus: 100-year Anniversary Screening

Discover how the Bauhaus School, in just fourteen years, transformed Art from an elite luxury to a classless pleasure. Consider the movement’s marks on people’s lives today. Learn about its history and forerunners from the seven-documentary screening. Each documentary plays…

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Mercedes-Benz Art Scope 2018-2020

A reservation is required to visit the museum. Booking starts from July 16 (Thursday) at 10:00. For details about the reservation-based admission system, please click here . The Hara Museum of Contemporary Art is delighted to present Mercedes-Benz Art Scope 2018-2020. Since 2003,…

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