THE HEROES Sword x Ukiyo-e

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, one of the oldest museums in the United States, is also known for its collection of 50,000 high-quality ukiyo-e prints. In this exhibition, 118 masterpieces of samurai paintings depicting the figures of heroes appearing in…

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Medieval Warrior Groups Exhibition

Medieval warriors were not only hereditary professional warriors but also lords of local communities. How did they rule their communities? In this exhibition, we explore medieval warrior groups as ruling organizations and present facts about their regional rule, based on…

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The Hosokawa Lords and the Matsui Family

The Hosokawa family boasted a long history as influential feudal lords until the end of the Edo period. While many feudal families were doomed to ruin, the Hosokawa family survived the turbulent period which included multiple leadership changes. One factor…

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