GAMPEKI MUSIC FES. 2020 – Cancelled

Following its first installment last year, Gampeki Music Fes is coming back to Yamagata’s Uriwarisekitei Park this June. With its spectacular location, the festival showcases Japan’s young cutting-edge artists such as rapper KID FRESINO, track maker Seiho and genre-bending DJ…

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Haru no Mamono 2020 – Cancelled

Natsu no Mamono Festival started in Aomori in 2008. The Aomori’s music festival started very early in the morning around 6 and the first band the audience saw was a very loud punk band. On top of that, the program never…

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YOUNG PRO Vol.4 – Cancelled

SPARTA, one of Japan’s edgy rapper KID FRESINO‘s friends, and Gokou Kuyt, whose song “Nakano Broadway” saw a mage hit on Youtube are performing together at Shibuya’s www x. What is special about the event is that the stage will appear…

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