Tokyo Rainbow Pride Festival 2021

Everyone knows the annual Tokyo Rainbow Pride parade never disappoints, and the energetic weekend-long celebration finally returns after its hiatus last year. Supporters prepare for the march in — true to its name — floats and costumes as colorful as…

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Kindness Japan Tour – Canceled

Grammy winning producer, Kindness, will be performing their Japan tour at WWW X in Shibuya. Their music is known for its eclectic style, fusing pop, funk, and alternative sounds together. This artist is not one to take lightly, as they are the go-to…

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Afternoon Breezes

Afternoon Breezes is a landmark 1980 film by director Hitoshi Yazaki that may be the first mainstream, overtly gay-themed movie in Japanese cinematic history. It was Yazaki’s premiere work, prefacing both his notable career and the sub-genre of LGBTQ films…

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