Suzuki Kiitsu’s Mountain Streams in Summer and Autumn

Mountain Streams in Summer and Autumn, by Suzuki Kiitsu (1796-1858) depicts a Japanese cypress grove, streams rushing through the rocky mountain side, with a strong sense of reality yet filled with an eerily mysterious feeling. Kiitsu had been the leading…

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Radiant Raden Exhibition at Nezu Museum

Marvel at the fine traditional arts of Japan and East Asia at the “Radiant Raden” Exhibition at the Nezu Museum. The exhibition boasts an elegant collection of lacquerware decorated with raden across East Asia. Japan, the Ryukyu Kingdom, China and the…

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Adventures in Monochrome

“Adventures in Monochrome” at Nezu Museum walks the visitor in a discovery of  sumi ink, which is one the most important medium for traditional painting in Japan, which developed in close association with calligraphy. There are two main types of…

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