“Glamping” Resort O Park Ogose

If you’re looking for a fun, hands-on summer activity as a family or with friends, look no further. Bio-Resort Hotel & Spa O Park, located in Ogose, Saitama Prefecture, has many events planned this summer for people of all ages…

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“Heisei POP Stay” Ryokan Tokyo YUGAWARA

Travel back in time to a Heisei era (1989 – 2019) inspired room featuring bottomless cola and comic books which will take you back to your high school days. The Ryokan Tokyo YUGAWARA is now offering a limited time “Heisei Pop…

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Jabara Citrus Bath

Onsen Dojo is pleased to present Jabara Citrus Bath at Tamagawa Onsen in Saitama. As January 23 is hay fever prevention day in Japan, Jabara citrus, which contains components which relieve hay fever, will be floated in the hot spring…

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