Emergence Tokyo Vol.3 Photo Exhibition & Opening Party

TERRANOVA House presents, “Emergence Tokyo Vol.3”, a collaborative exhibition showcasing some of Tokyo’s best established and up-and-coming photographers, and is the fifth in a series of exhibitions to take place at the Terranova House, located in the trendy neighborhood of…

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From Above

Documenting the scars left behind by wars around the world seems like an unlikely task for a music and fashion photographer, but New York native Paule Saviano has been pursuing the stories of war survivors in New York, Europe and…

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Neko Break Odaiba (ねこ休み展 in お台場)

Need to take a short break from your busy weekdays? “Neko Break Odaiba” is exactly the place for soul healing. It’s a photography exhibition where cat lovers can fully immerse themselves in the kawaii neko world and get cured by…

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