Nishi Azabu & Roppongi Eco shop-along – Vol.17

Ekolokal organizes monthly eco-shopping tours in different areas of Tokyo and Kanagawa. Every time, we visit food stores where you can do more sustainable shopping (plant-based, organic, zero waste, plastic free, fair trade). Participants bring their containers and bags while…

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Spartan Prepping in the Park

Challenge, Fun and Family is the motto for this year’s Urban Heroes delegation joining the Spartan race in Chiba on 28th of May. Almost 50 racers will participate in the obstacle race and enjoy a day in the “German Village”…

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Roppongi Art Night 2021

This year’s main program artist is Takashi Murakami, one of the top names in Japanese contemporary art. Murakami has curated a selection of artists who, together with him, will take on Doraemon. Roppongi Art Night is a festival of the…

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