Hike Mt Zuko

Do you love being outdoors? Take part in this scenic hike to get a chance to view spring flowers and sakura with Mt. Fuji and the Oyama mountain range in the background. Afterwards, you’ll get the chance to visit the…

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ARK Hills Sakura Festival 2023

The ARK Hills Sakura Festival 2023 hosted by the Mori Building is inviting everyone to come relax and celebrate the arrival of spring and cherry blossoms that’ll be blooming for everyone to enjoy. Cherry Blossoms on the Slopes of Sakurazaka…

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Sakura: Brand-New Puzzle

Held in UltraSuperNew Gallery in Harajuku, “Brand-new Puzzle” is Tokyo-based illustrator and graphic artist Sakura’s first solo exhibition. Her works feature quirky caricatures and nostalgic imagery. Influenced by California culture and everyday life in Japan, this exhibition showcases how Sakura…

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