Nogi Shrine Summer Festival

Recall your youth at the traditional summer festival held in Akasaka. What is summer without the smell of yakisoba (Japanese fried noodles) being sizzled at the food stalls, colorful young ladies in yukata (light traditional robe) and children scooping goldfish?…

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Sumomo Festival 

What better way to end the day than biting into a cool, juicy sumomo (Japanese plum) in the summer? Take home as many plums as you desire at the Sumomo Festival, (one bag will set you back about ¥1,000) where…

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Mitama Festival 

Here’s your chance to see processions of mikoshi (portable shrines), along with other traditional Japanese festival performances such as bon-odori dances taking place at Tokyo’s famous Yasukuni shrine. Have a taste of a nostalgic Japanese summer between the walls of…

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