🏩 TOKYO LOVEHOTELS 🏩 Vol.28 #MADEINTOKYO 🌸 April 2nd (Sat) 5-11pm @ Sankeys Penthouse 💖Live Music: SUSHI BANKS @ripsushib TOMIKO WASABI @tomikowasabi ⠀ 💖Live Painting: RYOMA @mogrow_ryoma , @moglon_dragon 💖Popups: CHERRY @cherry.jerrera TENTOR @tentor_shop MEI DAY @meilaniland VIVAT VERITAS…

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Spring Festival in Tokyo 2022

“SPRING FESTIVAL IN TOKYO” is delighted to announce its 2022 program which runs from March 18th (Friday) to April 19th (Tuesday), 2022 at various venues in Ueno, Tokyo. The 18th music festival programs are comprised of a wide range of…

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MARI × MALIYA「Faveur」Album Release Live

The monthly party “MARI”  hosted by KANDYTOWN DJs MASATO and Minnesotah will be held December 26 at Shibuya Contact Tokyo. Djs will play a wide range of refined disco, rare grooves and funk, as well as current Hip Hop and…

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