Vegan Gourmet Festival

Japan’s largest plant-based festival will be held in Tokyo on October 30. The Vegan Gourmet Festival will house stalls featuring safe, natural products, including organic, macrobiotic, and raw foods. Entry is free and more information can be found on their…

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Otsuka Plogging

Ekolokal will hold its first plogging event in Otsuka in collaboration with Saiko Plogging Run on Sunday June 12th! 📣 How about jogging and picking up trash for a cleaner planet and for your own health? 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🚮🙌 After the plogging…

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Nishi Azabu & Roppongi Eco shop-along – Vol.17

Ekolokal organizes monthly eco-shopping tours in different areas of Tokyo and Kanagawa. Every time, we visit food stores where you can do more sustainable shopping (plant-based, organic, zero waste, plastic free, fair trade). Participants bring their containers and bags while…

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