Jessica Thompson

Jessie is a food writer and published cookbook author living in Tokyo. She can most commonly be found at food festivals, farmers markets, sake workshops, perusing depachika and convenience store selections, or cooking in her teeny Tokyo kitchen. http://jessie-thompson.com/

Japanese 75

INGREDIENTS Ice 60 ml (2 oz) junmai ginjo or daiginjo sake 1 teaspoon sugar 15 ml (½ oz) sudachi or yuzu juice Champagne Zest spiral, to decorate PREPARATION Fill a chilled cocktail shaker with ice. Add sake, lemon juice, and…

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Agedashi Sobagaki

INGREDIENTS 100g buckwheat flour 300 ml water A pinch of salt Vegetable oil, for frying 1 cup water 1 cup dashi 50 ml sake 50 ml mirin 50 ml soy sauce 40 ml sudachi juice Grated daikon Grated ginger Finely…

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