Aug 12, 2022 at 10:00pm ~ Aug 13, 2022 at 10:00pm

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Friday, August 12 TREKKIE TRAX LABEL SHOWCASE –Hodge / Chrissy –

Open 22:00
Under23 ¥ 2000, Before 11PM ¥ 2000, GH G Members ¥ 2000, Advance ¥ 2500
GH S Members ¥ 2500, FB Discount ¥ 3000, w / Flyer ¥ 3000, GH Members ¥ 3000
Door ¥ 3500

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Hodge (Livity Sound | Berceuse Heroique | Bristol)

Chrissy (US)

1TA (Bim One Production | BS0)

“Bristol’s treasure Hodge and house genius Chrissy have a session with TREKKIE TRAX”

With Hodge from Bristol and Chrissy from San Francisco as double headliners, Contact will host the final TREKKIE TRAX label showcase. TREKKIE TRAX, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, released 3 floors reflecting the label color of energetic bass music / techno and vivid house with overwhelming firepower with Contact, which is about a month away from closing.

Hodge, the mainstay of the prestigious <Livity Sound> and the leader of the UK-based / techno scene, came to Japan with a hot love call from TREKKIE TRAX. This season as well, with numerous large-scale festivals such as Glastonbury 2022, the 10th anniversary of <Livity Sound>, and the US tour, it was still popular, and we aimed for the busy gap and made an exclusive performance to Contact. .. The nation’s foremost label and the male of Bristol, such as the remix of the song “Pree Me feat. Minami Nakamura” from Roska’s <TREKKIE TRAX>, have continued to share the musical feeling. The intelligent sensibilities of crossing techno with swelling basslines and trancey immersiveness, with intense drum sounds rooted in drum’n’bass and UK garage, have literally driven British dance music. Seimei and andrew of TREKKIE TRAX, who co-star in Studio X, provided a mix to the Rince FM <Hessle Audio> program realized by interacting with Ben UFO, Gilles Peterson’s monthly program at Worldwide FM, and Canada. With <WET TRAX> and the other day, <TREKKIE TRAX> released, Seimei’s two excellent techno albums have updated their global reputation to a more solid one. Elites such as Juke / Footwork producer Oyubi and genius okadada who also appeared in Rince FM mentioned above, and FELINE with their own bass / left field sound have realized a high-heat floor that brings out the synergistic effect with Hodge.
Chrissy’s sound on the Contact floor reflects his resident career at San Francisco’s oldest and most famous queer club, The Stud, and Chicago’s best club, smartbar, the birthplace of house music. However, while specializing in rave-influenced Chicago house and disco, more than 20 years of career and set components range from jungle to footwork. “One of the most versatile and knowledgeable DJs / producers on the planet” (Jerome Hill), “Chrissy is one of the best DJs on the planet. I’ll keep saying that until everyone agrees with me.” The Blessed Madonna) and many other DJs have praised the technical and fortunate DJs, along with the lineup of DJs TASAKA, DSKE, Guchon, and TREKKIE TRAX’s Carpaniter, who will be the two-set gig this time. It seems that it will bring out a psychedelic disco with pleasure.

On the Foyer floor, a floor by DUUSRAA, which can be said to be the base of the TREKKIE TRAX crew, has appeared. In addition to grime such as BS0 to 1TA and Dx that import Bristol’s sound and culture, maidable who is a regular at DUUSRAA, upcoming talent hxxxi, blackglassG belonging to Kyoto NC4K, which has released excellent works from TREKKIE TRAX, etc. A lineup of DUUSRAA-like professionals with dubs, steppers, grime and breakbeats flying around. Of course, DUUSRAA hoods will also be available at the clubber’s pit stop trying to burn the night. Top class is crowded on the three-color floor that reflects the label color.



Start: Aug 12th 2022 at 10:00pm

End: Aug 13th 2022 at 10:00pm