One Way

Heroism on the road to hell

A low-life criminal named Freddy (Colson Baker) has just ripped off his ex-girlfriend/gang leader (Drea de Matteo) and is now on a bus with a bag of cash and coke, and a bullet in his gut. He’s pretty much toast, and it’s not hard to guess how this will end. 

Not great cinema, but it gets a tad more interesting when he meets a 14-year-old fellow passenger (Storm Reid, a young actress to watch), a runaway traveling to meet the guy of her dreams that she met online. Freddy, though bleeding out and barely conscious, sees this as the catfishing ploy that it is, and resolves to help her. 

Kevin Bacon shows up in an extended cameo as Freddy’s useless criminal dad, but he’s mostly there to appear on the poster and sell a few more tickets. Rainy-day stuff, but with a satisfying denouement.

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