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DWAC: Gender Dynamics: Breaking Binarisms through Clothing

On December 3, 2021, two TCK (third-culture kids) designers will be coming together to showcase their collections in their upcoming exhibition, Ameena Imran’s collection Female Masculinity and Nobue Chen’s collection Seifuku Gaze. The exhibition will be held from December 3 –…

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Group Exhibition「Non Fungible Chronicle」

Real Venue: Grande Souche Kamiyashiro Real Venue Hours:10:00~20:00 Open Days::Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays during the event period *Thursday, August 4 will be a community day and only residents of Meito Ward will be allowed to enter. Metaverse Venue 1:cluster…

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Abdul Vas: Rock´n´Roll Raiders World Tour Exhibition

Artist: Abdul Vas Exhibition: Rock ‘n’ Roll Raiders World Tour Rock ‘n’ Roll Raiders is Abdul Vas’s new rock ‘n’ roll/art project. This large-format multidisciplinary exhibition will be staged like a rock concert. It will soon be in Tokyo where…

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