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French Culinary Biopic

Originally published on metropolis.co.jp on September 2013 Prepare to have your mouth water as you watch the French culinary biopic Haute Cuisine (2012; pictured) on Danièle Delpeuch, a self-trained cook who ruffled the feathers of the gastronomical elite when she…

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Bio Wine Dinner at Tokyo American Club

Delve into the world of bio, organic, and sustainable Italian wines in a welcoming and upscale environment. This dining event at Tokyo American Club combines the warmth of Italian culture, the principles of sustainable living, and the pure joy of…

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Ukrainian Evacuee Home Cooking

Hands On Tokyo is a non-profit organization dedicated to making meaningful contributions to local communities in Tokyo. All of their volunteer activities are accessible to both Japanese and English speakers and they host a variety of events where you have…

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Roppongi Hills Spring Festival 2023

The Roppongi Hills Spring Festival 2023 hosted by the Mori Building is inviting everyone to come relax and celebrate the arrival of spring and cherry blossoms that’ll be blooming for everyone to enjoy. Traditional Japanese Performing Arts at the Roppongi…

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