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French Culinary Biopic

Originally published on metropolis.co.jp on September 2013 Prepare to have your mouth water as you watch the French culinary biopic Haute Cuisine (2012; pictured) on Danièle Delpeuch, a self-trained cook who ruffled the feathers of the gastronomical elite when she…

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Exploring The World Of Craft Beer

Course Description This workshop offers both lovers of craft beer and those new to the world of craft beer an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge related to the history of craft beer in different parts of the world (including Japan),…

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True Italian Pizza Week 2021

It’s Pizza Week! Until October 17 specially selected pizzerias throughout Japan will be participating in “True Italian Pizza Week 2021.” The Italian Chamber of Commerce Japan has selected each pizzeria to create their own “true Italian pizza” featuring authentic Italian…

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Ganso Shokuhin Kappabashi

Ever wondered how they make the realistic looking plastic food in restaurant windows? Or do your cooking efforts rarely result in something edible but you still want a chance to regain some tenuous form of culinary credit? Get a glimpse…

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