March 21–April 20


Chiron is currently in your solar twelfth house. Negotiating the up and down energy it brings may seem elusive. There’s a hidden quality, influenced by past lifetimes, and it doesn’t always make sense. With Neptune near Chiron, clarity may not yet be available. Knowing this, build yourself back up. Pallas Athene is at the very tippy edge of Aries. You may take an entirely self-actualized and original new tack—soon.


April 21–May 21


Known for your patience, are you being pulled from too many directions? This makes it all the easier to express your hot-blooded side. Some who don’t know this about you may soon find out. Mars, the energizer, is halfway through Taurus. You only have a short time before it leaves your sign. If you want to be seen differently, relax your self-judgment and share what’s really on your mind.


May 22–June 21


Dreaming of building something special? Mars in your solar twelfth house may send you plans straight from the galactic realms. It’s not yet time to make it real, but you can get your blueprints drafted. In a few weeks, the “all-clear” begins. Right now, distractions with friends and brain teasers are likely to interrupt your schedule. Temptation is everywhere. Jupiter retrograde may slow romance, but your friends will hold the empty spaces.


June 22–July 23


Working hard and meeting up with friends can make your life more complete. In fact, it may be how the universe funnels its energy to balance what has been dropped in your lap. Ceres and Mars back this up, so the support you need comes to you this week. If your pilot light feels low, take the time to remember what you’ve done in the past that made you laugh, feel secure, or satisfied. A rematch may be in order.


July 24–August 23


Travel can mean many things, but to Leos it can be a quick turnaround this week. Uranus, the Sun, Venus and Pallas Athene fill up this area of your chart. You get the picture – so many reasons to go, and you can handle it all without a blip. You could also delve into the underlying and spiritual reasons of an episode you have recently lived through. Teaching and the law may call you to share what you have learned.


August 24–September 23


If you have big plans and the details won’t connect, take a break and let go for a while. Jupiter retrograde squared Pluto last week, so the fallout could continue. Waiting until the celestial pieces go together is not necessarily a cop-out. The stars influence ease or resistance. Their harmonic frequencies build up support or take it apart. Mid-week, Mars trines Pluto, and energies show up to move an obstacle out of the way.


September 24–October 23


If you’re hesitant to move forward, it may be Jupiter retrograde speaking in your sign. Sometimes you can resonate with what’s out there without really knowing it. Mercury travels into the part of your chart where you are gifted something. For example, a refund from a large organization, or news about an inheritance. It’s also the sector reflecting sex, death, and rebirth. You’re able to talk and share, especially with a partner!


October 24–November 22


Why is it you can picture so many scenarios, but you get a sense of the one that plays out? Scorpios have a gift for sussing out the hidden part of the psyche. That’s why so many of you are detectives and researchers. You can’t help noticing what others miss. Mercury enters the relationship sector of your chart, opposite your sign. You’re able to talk through partnership questions and come up with answers this week.


November 23–December 22


Your sense of justice has a way of showing up when it’s needed. It’s not necessarily that you go looking, but when it happens you are jolted if there’s less than fair play. Mercury enters your solar sixth house of health and work. This is a double-edged sword—you must stay true to yourself to work at your optimum, but have you been asked to do otherwise? Watch for the mid-week Mars trine Pluto aspect, when energies zoom to the rescue.


December 23–January 20


Capricorns have an excuse to take a moment out for a cup of tea. Or coffee, a juice, or a meet-up with friends. Last week’s fall-out from Jupiter square Pluto in your sign could take a while to absorb. Once things are aligned, the new fit will add comfort. Know that Mars, the energizer, has stamina. This planet moves things forward, making a beautiful trine aspect to Pluto mid-week. The balance has come!


January 21–February 19


Although you may be reaching the end of your tether, that could be a good thing. First of all, if you are, you probably need a new one. Secondly, a different approach will distract you—and your valuable energy will be used in a more comfortable way. What a relief! Mercury enters your solar fourth house of home base this week. Conversations will arise, and you will prevail. At least, you’ll be articulate!


February 20–March 20    


Tension is a fascinating thing. Just enough will keep you alert and on-the-spot creative. Too much will crash your system, while not enough puts you to sleep! Mercury enters your solar third house this week. This planet governs thoughts, ideas, and conversations, and so does the third house. You’ve got a double spin on anything you’d like to share for a while. Care to choose your target?