Toranomon Hills Station Tower to open in Autumn 2023

Toranomon Hills Station Tower to open in Autumn 2023

Mori Building Co Ltd announces the opening of Station Tower


Mori Building Co Ltd has announced that their newest construction, the Toranomon Hills Station Tower, a 49 floor multi-purpose building will open in Autumn 2023. This announcement has cemented Toranomon Hills’ status in Tokyo as a globally-recognised centre of business and creativity. The global business centre will be comparable to Roppongi Hills, and Station Tower has thirty two floors of office space, measuring 107,00m, and offers cutting edge designs for global companies to bring their business to Tokyo.

The diverse tenants within Toranomon Hills Station Tower include Tokyu Sports Oasis, who will open a facility comprising of gym, sauna, hot baths and meditation services in what will be one of the biggest wellness centers in central Tokyo. There will also be a range of retail facilities supporting the office workers and residents of Station Tower to relax and socialise within the building. The retail space will occupy nine floors with space for approximately eighty shops and restaurants to open their doors in the new building. In addition, the T-Market will have space for twenty seven shops and restaurants and enlivens the atmosphere of the office and residential spaces. The restaurants range from delis to menus curated by Michelin chefs. Throughout the market there will be collaboration between brands, and there is space for cultural events combining music, art, and dance.

Designed by Shohei Shigematsu of OMA, Station Tower will also host a number of renowned art pieces and global artists have enhanced the iconic new location with their sculptures and LED artwork that will adorn the walls and rooms of this iconic tower. Station Tower will also feature a large pedestrian deck across Sakurada-Dori Avenue and this will be a space oof urban greenery, and twenty metres of pedestrianised flow. This space is nicknamed T-Deck, and realizes safe urban spaces for pedestrians across a busy and central road.

The tower’s top levels will host Tokyo Node, creative and performance spaces that will include galleries and interactive lab studios, encouraging innovative creation in the world’s biggest city. A sky garden and pool will be enjoyed beside two restaurants, one of which is supervised by Kei Kobayashi, Michelin star chef. This cements the tower’s capacity as a distinctive space for creativity and global business to thrive within the same space. Connecting Tokyo with the world, the exhibition halls will showcase world-renowned technology and artwork, as well as enhancing collaborations that transcend boundaries and collate the best minds with creative capacities.

Four floors deep underground, the station atrium will connect Toranomon Hills station on the central Hibiya Line and Toranomon Station on the Ginza Line. Moreover, a bus terminal is served by airport limousine buses and the Tokyo Bus Rapid Transit system, connecting Toranomon Hills with the rest of the city. These points will enhance the accessibility of the location, with Haneda Airport only a thirty minute drive away, making Station Tower a truly global spectacle.

To further its accessibility, Tokyo’s first Unbound Collection by Hyatt hotel will host 205 guest rooms within Station Tower, welcoming guests from Japan or abroad in this central meeting hub of business. The interior design is by Space Copenhagen, and is based on simple Scandinavian architecture and design elements. The residences in Toranomon Hills Residential Tower are prime location for business and pleasure needs, and embellish the role that Toranomon Hills plays as Tokyo’s global hub.