Auberge TOKITO Grand Opening

Auberge TOKITO Grand Opening

Truly rich Japanese cuisine and experiences


Tachihi Hospitality Management Co., Ltd. is opening Auberge TOKITO, a property consisting of a dining room, tea room, and guest rooms in Tokyo’s Tachikawa area on Thursday, April 6.

Auberge TOKITO, located a one-minute walk from the Nishi-Kunitachi Station on the JR Nambu Line, unfolds following its sister property, the SORANO HOTEL, which opened in June 2020. Offering an environment of quiet and comfort the moment you set foot inside, the auberge is built on the former site of the long-established Mumon-an restaurant, inheriting the garden and part of the historic building that has been revived with a dining room, tea room, and guest rooms accommodating four parties per night.

Artisan Cuisine for New Luxury is the concept of the cuisine served at Auberge TOKITO, where chefs offer a full course from start to finish, from a warm welcome to a heartfelt farewell.

As suggested by the French-derived words “artisan” and “cuisine”, all the craftspeople involved, including the expert chefs; the ingredient producers, hunters, and fishermen; and the makers of tableware, which is integral to the cuisine, unite as a team of artisans pouring their hearts and souls into each dish, making full use of their skills to meet the desires of the guests, rather than serving a one-sided selection of dishes.

Michelin star chefs – Executive Chef-Producer Yoshinori Ishii and General Manager and Grand Chef Kenji Okawara – are joined by Japan- and globally-trained Hiroki Hiyama, Sous- chefs Kei Sazawa and Kenichiro Ueno, and Pastry Chef Kanako Kuroiwa. The team offers new Japanese cuisine that pursues true abundance unconstrained by the rules of traditional kaiseki cuisine and new ideas not dependent on the use of extravagant ingredients.

At the root of Auberge TOKITO cuisine is a sustainable way of thinking of appreciation and respect for the people, materials, and even the soil, and using these blessings not only for Japan but for the world and the future. The cuisine refers to what is on the plate as well as the philosophies and stories behind it, the tableware and setting, and the surrounding region and environment that the chefs take into consideration as they assemble the course menu with their outstanding skills and rich experience in Japan and abroad. Rather than the existing kind of luxury featuring expensive ingredients and high-grade tableware, Auberge TOKITO makes the following seven promises to offer a truly rich and priceless dining experience.

The shokubo dining room is the essence of Auberge TOKITO, with counter seats (10 seats) where guests can see the chefs’ work up close, hall seats (20 seats) overlooking the well- maintained courtyard, and private rooms (3 rooms with 4 seats each) ideal for a wide range of purposes such as private parties, business, and ceremonial occasions.

The aesthetic world of tea spreads out beyond the wooden door of the teahouse hidden away in the garden. Under the supervision of Saboe in Nakameguro, Tokyo, the team has created a new, modern interpretation of Japanese tea culture, which has evolved in various ways depending on the region, customs, eras, and recipes in a space woven with the harmony of yin and yang. Here, guests can experience peace and enjoy wabi-sabi transience and imperfection.

The four shukubo guest rooms appearing at the end of the stone pavement and rock garden offer the ultimate relaxation unique to a lodging facility where the focus is on mental and physical recovery and all services are provided by our chefs. Our spacious 106-square-meter guest rooms, where guests spend the most time during their stay, are each appointed with a living room, bedroom, bathroom with an open-air bath with free-flowing hot springs pumped from 1,300 meters underground, spa treatment bed, and kitchenette (Grand Opening Commemorative Package from 342,250 yen for two guests with dinner, breakfast, and tax and service charge included).


Auberge TOKITO Property Overview
Name: Auberge TOKITO
Address: 1-24-26 Nishiki-cho, Tachikawa, Tokyo Phone number: +81(0)42-525-8888 Scheduled opening: Thursday, April 6, 2023
■Shokubo Dining Room
Number of seats: 10 counter seats, 22 hall seats, 3 private rooms (4 seats each), 1 annex (three-span hall for up to 20 guests)
Hours: Hall from 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. for lunch and two seatings from 6:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. for dinner; Counter from 7:00 p.m. for dinner
■Shukubo Guest Rooms
Number of rooms: 4 (each room is 106 square meters and appointed with free-flowing open- air hot springs and spa treatment room)
■Sabo Tea Room
Number of seats: 16
Hours: < Tea room > 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. by reservation only for two hours at a time
< Bar time > 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Site area:
Total floor area: Location: Management:
3,737.10 m²
1,629.19 m² (1 floor above ground)
One minute on foot from Nishi-Kunitachi Station on the JR Nambu Line Tachihi Hospitality Management Co., Ltd.
(wholly owned subsidiary of Tachihi Holdings Co., Ltd.)
Address: 6-1 Sakae-cho, Tachikawa, Tokyo
President and Representative Director: Masamichi Murayama
Director & COO: Hiroyuki Sakamoto
Executive Chef-Producer: Yoshinori Ishii
General Manager and Grand Chef: Kenji Okawara
Official website:

Mai Iwamoto, Kanako Murayama
Auberge TOKITO Pre-opening Office
Tachihi Hospitality Management Co., Ltd.
TEL: +81(0)42-525-8888 Email: