Louise Angerer

With an inquisitive mind, a creative spirit and a camera in hand, Louise is a self proclaimed Global Citizen who is inspired by her colorful life of travel and adventure. Louise has embraced her entrepreneurial skills and created her own women’s fashion brand, designing luxurious Japanese Obi and Kimono embroidered bags and accessories. She has also established herself as a fashion and portrait photographer in Tokyo and aims to create beauty, truth and artistic expression in her images. Now part of the Metropolis team as a Fashion and Lifestyle writer and photographer, she shares her vast knowledge, fabulous inspirations and insights with the readers of her regular features. Follow her for the latest on Instagram @edenthecollection

Yumi Katsura: Beyond East and West

Delighting our senses with opulence and glamor, Japanese fashion designer Yumi Katsura held an exquisite runway show in the ballrooms of Akasaka Palace, the first time a fashion event has been allowed to run in this splendid location. Titled “Beyond…

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