Winter Wonder Tips

Winter Wonder Tips

From comfort footwear to edgy nails


Photo by Louise Angerer

Nailed it… by Luxita
Need a new look and a little TLC for your nails this winter season? Treat yourself to a wonderful manicure and pedicure at Luxita, located exclusively at Chi Spa, Shangri La Tokyo. From the moment you enter, you are transported to a place of zen that will wash over your body and soul — and send you to the heights of relaxation. Luxita provides only the highest-quality nail services by award-winning nail artisans. Its attention to detail during the treatments is guaranteed to take your experience to the next level. Aromatic nail baths, therapeutic foot massages and fruit-based, anti-ageing hand treatments are just a few of the features that are on offer. Created by American Entrepreneur Janica Southwick, Luxita is practically synonymous for high-end nail art designs, including the use of Swarovski crystals, diamonds and specialized hand paintings which are unique to the brand. You can choose from the dozens of designs they have available, or custom create your own with the artist. Enjoy a glass of champagne and relax into the comfortable recliner while your senses are nurtured.

Louise Angerer Winter Fashion Winter Wonder Tips Zadig and Voltaire
Zadig and Voltaire

“Stand out… Be fierce”
We love the Parisian-based women’s fashion label Zadig & Voltaire. Inspired by art and fuelled by rock ‘n’ roll, Z&G puts a contemporary twist on style classics and wardrobe essentials, imbuing an ageless quality instead of simply following trends. Each collection is defined by an underlying effortlessness that includes bold printed jackets, punchy sweaters and edgy tees. Designed for the free spirit who is always on the go, you’ll find statement accessories complemented by chunky hardware and dark leathers. The current collection is casual with an emphasis on relaxed silhouettes, layers and finished with outstanding accessories. It’s the re-incarnation of French luxury at its best.

A Winter Treat for Your Skin
We all know the harshness of the wintery conditions in Japan and the effects these have on our skin and hair. Frankly, winter can be ruthless. And while we are covered up in layer upon layer, this doesn’t mean we should let our skin’s complexion become dry and dehydrated. The Juicy Cleanse Body Salt by Utena is a homegrown Japanese product that uses fine textured grain salt to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and tighten pores. Other vital ingredients include cold-pressed Argan oil and three types of fruit and vegetable extracts (grapefruit, carrot and lemon extract), which provide deep moisturization to reveal soft, subtle skin. Afterwards, pop on your favorite body moisturizer and you are ready. Juicy Cleanse comes in five stunning fragrances — peach, blackberry, milk, grapefruit and lime. Reasonably priced and simple to use, Juicy Cleanse is available at Loft and online at Rakuten. Grab a few for yourself and friends as a gift. With Love from Japan.

Winter Wonder Tips Louise Angerer Fila
Photo by Louise Angerer

My New BFF
Like most of us in Tokyo, I do a lot of walking. Up and down stairs — I choose this option rather than standing on a crowded escalator as it’s a great way to stay in shape — and power walking my way from Harajuku to Roppongi and beyond. But I’ve struggled with a massive dilemma, that being fashion over comfort with my footwear. It’s a big decision. Do I look fabulous in my new heeled knee-high boots that go with every outfit, or do I opt for wearing sneakers for comfort and the survival of my feet? I’ve decided that you can have both in the form of the Fila Disruptor. Fila originated in 1911 in Italy, making clothing for people of the Italian Alps, but evolved into a global sportswear brand and became an “it” brand when it was endorsed by the tennis megastar Bjorn Borg in the 1970s. Today, the Fila Disruptor is the ultimate trendy sneaker and arguably the most popular to pound pavements across the world in. First released in 1996, the chunky soled, stark white, sawtoothed sneakers have recently exploded across social media platforms with many celebrities, supermodels and influencers all wearing them.