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May Beauty & Lifestyle

Grunge streetwear, insta-famous cosmetics and minimalist product design


“Fashion is one of a thousand ways to send our message.”

Born into a bohemian lifestyle of travel, adventure and worldly experiences, KMRii is a fashion label that is diverse, creative and aesthetic in every respect. Lui Onozaki is the brainchild behind the label which was established in 2000. Drawing inspiration from cultural traditions and historical elements from his native Japan and from around the world, he is constantly seeking new ways to work innovative fabrics and interesting textures into his designs. When asked to describe his current collection, Onozaki posits it as “a dash of dark pop with street culture influences.” He drew inspiration from grungy club culture from the days he lived in London back in early noughties.

KMRii Beauty Lifestyle Fashion Streetwear Tokyo Japan Living Grunge Label

The current collection is bold, unique and stylish. It stems from a rich underground culture that is not just about fashion and fads, but more about an alternative lifestyle movement. Known for his attention to detail, one cannot help but see the love and passion Onozaki’s brings to his artistic process. Don’t miss the leather clothing and bag collection that’s handcrafted with the finest leathers and treated in new and exciting ways unique to KMRii. To add his final touch, Onozak’s use of semi-precious stones, crystals and stud detailing turn these pieces into wearable art at its best. Recently shown on runways in Stockholm, and available in boutiques all across the globe, KMRii is the symbol of street cool and sophisticated design with a philosophy that there are no rules to fashion and that personal expression is to be celebrated.

KMRii is available in Japan at Royal Flash and Offside. Or visit KMRii’s official online store.

Whomee makeup cosmetics beauty Igari Shinobu color control base Japan lifestyle

Launched in February 2018, Whomee is the new love of Creative Director and celebrity makeup artist Igari Shinobu. She has taken the beauty world by a storm with her Whomee Igari cosmetics that are both results-based, easy to use and affordable. Start with her insta-famous Color Control Base that will add moisture, shine and balance to the skin prior to applying her natural liquid foundations that leaves the skin lustrous and glowing. Matte is out and dewy is in with this cosmetic range that also contains anti-aging skincare ingredients like ceramics, hyaluronic acids and vitamins C and E. Be sure to check out the full range of cosmetic and accessories at Loft, Tokyu Hands and Ainz & Tulpe.

Check their website for tutorials and other Stockists.

Taku Omura Product Design Ripple Vase Glass

“With his award-winning, minimalist creations, Product Designer Taku Omura encourages us to stop and appreciate the moment and our surroundings. It is with this timeless zen philosophy that the Ripple Vase evolved. Made from a polycarbonate ripple-shaped dish, it holds a single flower and can float freely in any dish filled with water. This is a new design concept named “Floristry in Motion.” Other unique products from Omura’s Oodesign label is the beautifully-crafted glass wasabi grater, produced using the traditional nanako pattern, and his small trays made with Echizen Japanese paper that resembles traditional Edo wood prints.

See the Oodesign website for store lists and online availability.