June Lifestyle & Beauty

June Lifestyle & Beauty

Elegant diamond jewelry, a luxurious spa and pole dancing in our monthly update


Delicate Treasures

Tokyo-based jeweler Hirotaka Inoue finds inspiration for his brand Hirotaka in nature. He spends time observing insects, birds and plants, which he then reinterprets into abstract forms. His designs embody effortless style with a unique twist and subtle, refined sensibility. Using 10K solid gold and diamonds Inoue’s designs are comfortable to wear, minimal in style and have a delicate, organic quality that makes them so appealing. With a hint of “punk chic,” Hirotaka is now sold in New York and beyond. I especially love the Stone and Strand Collection with its simple lines, timeless beauty and versatility. Visit the flagship boutique in Omotesando for a closer look. www.hiro-taka.com

June Lifestyle Beauty News Hirotaka Inoue Designer Jewelery Tokyo Gold Diamond Earrings

Luxury Spa Experience

Synonymous with high-end luxury, the Park Hyatt Tokyo is an iconic part of the city’s skyline. The setting for the blockbuster Lost in Translation, you should experience this prestigious 5-star hotel at least once in your life.

My dream came true when I entered The Club on the Park for a morning of pampering and sensory delight. From the moment you enter, the worries of the world drift away and you can’t help but feel this is a “my time” experience. I was here for the Park Siesta Package which is a special offer to non-staying guests to enjoy a 60 – 90-minute treatment, the use of the facilities at The Club on the Park spa and, afterwards, a dining option at one of the hotel’s select restaurants.

It’s the attention to detail that stood out from the moment I entered the spa. Those personal touches that go beyond a good experience, to make it an exceptional one. To personalize my spa journey, the therapists offered a music selection and herbal tea variation which was a lovely and delicate touch.

I chose the 90-minute Aging Care Facial which was performed by my highly skilled therapist,Yuki, using the exclusive aesthetic Swiss product, Cholley. Derived from a combination of biochemistry, cosmetic science and superior plant extracts, the Cholley range is both therapeutic and highly results-based. We all like to feel good after a facial, but to see actual physical results thereafter is the beauty world’s icing on the cake.

Cholley’s anti-aging range utilizes unique IC_RAMP technology with intercellular communication to stimulate skin regeneration. It’s one of the most innovative beauty products I’ve experienced and the results are truly exceptional.I loved the face mask which is enriched with minerals from the water of the glaciers of the Swiss Alps, coupled with a wonderful neck, arm and hand massage. After the treatment, I relaxed in the spa and when I was ready, it was time to indulge in my “Healthy Balance” breakfast and glow in my sense of wellbeing and happiness.

Visit tokyo.park.hyatt.com or call The Club on the Park for more information on the Park Siesta and other treatments. Tel: 03-5323-3434

June Lifestyle Beauty News The Barber Men Grooming Barbershop Tokyo

A Close Shave

There’s something oldworldy about a barbershop. Images spring to mind of a mustache twirling, striped-vest wearing gentleman who seem to do a symphony of effortless moves to remove facial hair. Thankfully, this male grooming experience is bigger than ever in 2018 and The Barber, located in various places around Tokyo, is the perfect excuse to take some well-deserved time for yourself. The decor is reflective of a traditional and sophisticated barbershop, with recliner-style antique barber chairs and polished floorboards and walls. The service is absolutely impeccable and the list of treatments covers everything from a relaxing and therapeutic 30-minute shampoo and head massage, face and scalp treatments, haircuts and the most relaxing shaving experience you could want. They also offer different packages to cater to your face and hair needs. Step out feeling revived, rejuvenated and ready for anything. www.thebarber.jp

June Lifestyle Beauty News Pole Dance Tokyo Exercise Studio AkasakaPoles Apart

If you’ve ever wanted to channel your inner Flashdance, I’ve found the perfect place for you. I must admit, I was inspired and a little intrigued to try the global exercise phenomenon that is pole dancing, so I went along to Pole Dance Tokyo studio in Akasaka to get my groove on. Designed specifically for pole dancing, this intimate studio caters up to 20 ladies who learn the fine art of the pole. It was a workout that involved every muscle, focusing on core, arm and leg strengthening. There is a great floor warm-up to limber the joints, and my instructor Diana guided us through every move. Twirling around the pole as I held my own body weight was a challenging exercise but well worth it, as we got to do a small choreographed dance at the end of the class that left us feeling that little bit more limber, lithe and stronger. They also offer burlesque dancing classes and an array of other classes that differ from a conventional gym. www.poledancetokyo.com

June Lifestyle Beauty News Rosebud Tokyo Boutique Fashion Store

June Lifestyle Beauty News Rosebud Tokyo Boutique Fashion StoreSwooning Over Rosebud

Pretty as the name suggests, Rosebud is a fashion store that caters to men and women seeking the latest styles, reasonable prices and, most importantly, a variety of sizes and brands (including its own line) from around the globe. With everything from unique dress jewelry and cute bags, to the perfect pair of denim jeans paired with gorgeous and colorful stilettos, Rosebud is sure to become one of your favorite Tokyo boutiques when it comes to effortless and chic street fashion. Take your time and enjoy the chic aesthetics as you shop at Rosebud which has over 10 locations across Japan. Don’t miss the new spring/summer collections available now instore and online. www.rosebud-web.com