Patisserie & Cafe Delimo Azabudai Hills

Patisserie & Cafe Delimo Azabudai Hills

The East India company and Japan's artisanal harmony


In a world where traditions intertwine and flavors paint stories, The East India Company rekindles a historic connection with Japan, creating an artistic symphony that transcends time. Celebrating their storied past, the iconic company, renowned for fostering trade and diplomacy with Great Britain since 1613, unveils a contemporary collaboration with Japanese Pâtissier & Chocolatier Kazuaki Eguchi this winter in Tokyo.

The company’s Tea Master, Lalith Lenadora, visited Japan to join fellow artisan Eguchi for the opening of  “Patisserie & Cafe Delimo Azabudai Hills“.

A Symphony in Sips: Exclusive Blends Unveiled

The heart of this artistic alliance beats in each exclusive blend. “Gift to the Chocolatier” is a sensory masterpiece, marrying the earthiness of organic roasted cacao husks with the elegance of high-altitude black tea. It creates a dance of flavors elevated by Taiwanese oolong and a touch of orange essence.

“Orange Candy Memories” narrates a sweet tale inspired by childhood reminiscences, infusing honeybush from South Africa’s Eastern Cape with a hint of citrus, evoking the nostalgic essence of orange candy shared between artisans.

“Darjeeling Dreams” is a delicate blend of second-flush black tea, organic cocoa husk, and the opulence of lychee and citrus. This tea transcends boundaries, embracing both the warmth of Darjeeling and the allure of chocolate.

Tea-Infused Confectionary: A Sweet Symphony Unveiled

Eguchi, the virtuoso chocolatier, is also releasing a range of confectionery. In his signature “Elizabeth Range,” royal milk tea, strawberries, and chocolate harmonize in a sweet ballet. A secret ingredient, the essence of the rose—United Kingdom’s national flower—transforms this parfait into a tantalizing b of flavors.