Blushing and Softcult Japan Tour

May 14, 2023 at 6:00pm ~ May 17, 2023 at 11:30pm

Austin-based dream pop quartet, Blushing, will visit Japan for three shows this May, joined by Candian alternative rock duo Softcult.

Touring in support of their sophomore album, Possesions, Blushing will perform at Fukuoka’s Beat Station on May 14, Tokyo’s Moon Romantic on May 16 and Tokyo’s Fever on May 17. Presented as INTO THE PØRTAL, both shows will be opened with DJ sets from PØRTAL DJs and finish with after parties also featuring DJ sets.

TIME:open & DJ start 18:00
TICKET:ADV ¥6,000 / DOOR ¥6,500
LIVE:Blushing / Softcult
Lawson Ticket Code:84018

TOKYO (New Date Added!)
VENUE:Moon Romantic
TIME:open 18:30 / Start 19:00
TICKET:ADV ¥6,500 / DOOR ¥7,000
LIVE: Blushing / Softcult / Polly

TIME:open & DJ start 18:00
TICKET:ADV ¥6,500 / DOOR ¥7,000
LIVE: Blushing / Softcult

Blushing is an American dream pop band from Austin, Texas. The band consists of two couples, vocalist and guitarist Michelle Soto, drummer Jacob Soto, vocalist and bassist Christina Carmona, and guitarist Noe Carmona. The band is currently signed to Kanine Records.

Blushing began in 2017, when they recorded and released their first EP titled “Tether.” The group followed up that EP in 2018 with their second EP, “Weak.” The band released their debut self-titled album in 2019. The groups second full-length album, Possessions, was released in 2022. The album was produced by Elliott Frazier of Ringo Deathstarr. Mark Gardener of Ride also assisted in the making of the album. The album received positive reviews. The groups song “Blame” from the aforementioned album features Miki Berenyi, who discovered the band after they had recorded a cover of her band Lush’s song “Out of Control.”

Softcult is an alternative rock band based in Ontario, Canada. The band was formed in 2020, led by twin sisters Mercedes and Phoenix (ex-Courage My Love). They showcase their talents through self-produced music that blends the influences of 90s grunge and dream pop, creating unique and individualistic songs. The band also produces their own visuals and videos. Softcult also engages in feminist activism, carrying on the spirit of the Riot Grrrl movement. They publish zines and their work reflects this spirit.

PØRTAL is a community for experiencing Western indie rock and indie pop. They organize DJ events in Fukuoka and Tokyo with the theme of “Music Discovery.” The accompanying zine focuses on underground scenes that are difficult to access through traditional media, and is published as a community magazine for those who visit PØRTAL.



Start: May 14th 2023 at 6:00pm

End: May 17th 2023 at 11:30pm