flows -An Introduction-

Dec 30, 2023 at 2:00pm ~ Dec 30, 2023 at 2:00pm

With “flows” bright and vivid time begins to flow with a beautiful melody, the Musicians gather before New Year’s Eve are Nujabes Metaphorical Ensemble, the project created by Hydeout Productions, will be premiered with the concept of the Nujabes of today, celebrating 50 years since its birth. You will hear unprecedented music that is beautiful, fragile, and powerful.

In addition, Joe Claussell, who plays spiritual dance music and whom Nujabes admired during his lifetime and has been devoted to his musicality, will join this musical ritual. The Nujabes unreleased track “Child’s Attraction” released in 2016 as limited 12-inch was brought to life by Joe Claussell and continues to shine as one of his masterpieces.

A new story of the two is planned for later this year, and their encounter at flows will be a joy for many people.

Nujabes Metaphorical Ensemble

Looking at the past and present, weaving the music into the future. The gifted producer Nujabes who passed away prematurely at the young age of 36 on February 26, 2010. His beautiful songs transcend time and borders, and are still continuously embraced by many people. Connecting the pieces of the vision left at HydeOut Productions, the world of Nujabes, is going to celebrates its 50th anniversary, is being born anew.

Joaquin “Joe” Claussell

Unlike the current music scene, which is committed to commercialism, Spiritual Life Music, which he runs, has become a unique and supreme existence. Its beautiful musical sensibility resonated with the Nujabes, and “Child’s Attraction,” an unreleased recording at the time, was brought to life live by Joe Claussell and continues to shine as one of his masterpieces. His DJ performance, in which he pours his whole heart and soul with superb effects, uplifts the hearts of listeners and transforms the dance floor into a frenzied space. Body&SOUL with Francois K. and Danny Krivit has been going on for 25 years since its launch, and is still known as a beloved party around the world. Flows will feature his special DJ set that intersects the world of Nujabes and his own music.

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Admission fees
Early Bird : ¥5,000 (Limited 100)
Category 1:¥6,800
Category 2:¥7,800
Category 3:¥8,800

*Children under elementary school are free of charge if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.
*Ticket category will be moved to the next category once it reaches its sales limit.
*No day tickets will be sold if the advance tickets are sold out.
*Advance tickets will be on sale from 6PM (JST) Wednesday on Nov 1st.



Start: Dec 30th 2023 at 2:00pm

End: Dec 30th 2023 at 2:00pm


Ebisu The Garden Hall


1-13-2 Mita, Meguro-ku