NFT Halloween at RED hosted by Peppermint

Oct 31, 2022 at 6:30pm ~ Oct 31, 2022 at 9:30pm

Free Entrance (First 200 registrations) + One Free Drink (After downloading Peppermint App)
* If you cannot register you can enter by paying the entrance fee (1,300 yen for Advanced Ticket, 1,500 yen for Day Ticket) of RED°TOKYO TOWER.

RED° TOKYO TOWER” is an interdimensional, entertainment experience from Tokyo Tower to the world.
The Halloween party will be held at Japan’s largest esports park equipped with the world’s most advanced XR technology.
Guests will be able to enjoy live entertainment by globally active DJs and performance artists, as well as the now popular NFT art close at hand.
Peppermint, an NFT application that requires no knowledge of crypto currency or blockchain, will show you a new world of social networking.
One free drink will be served to those who download Peppermint.

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【Costume Contest】Peppermint will mint your costumed selfie to NFT for free. Contest winners will receive wonderful gifts such as NFT works by popular artists.

【NFT Art for Sale】Peppermint will be selling NFT artwork by verified artists. The NFT works will range from digital art by painters and illustrators to video clips of famous performance artists.

【Live Entertainment】Popular DJs and globally acclaimed performance artists will perform live on stage. Videos of the performance artists will be available for sale as NFT art.

【New NFT Games】New NFT games will be introduced.

Live Performance Artists

Japan’s Intangible Cultural Asset Holder
Japan Heritage Ambassodor
Born into a family of otsutsumi and kotsuzumi players of the Okura school of Nohgaku music, he made his first appearance as a kotsuzumi player at the age of 9, and switched to the otsutsumi when he was 16. He planned and produced his own Noh performances of the Otsuki-Goryu Goban Noh play and played the otsutsumi all by himself for one day, an unprecedented accomplishment for a musician in the history of Noh theater.
In 2000, he was invited by the Pope to perform a solo otsutsumi performance in the Vatican Palace as a representative of Japan.
He performed at the opening ceremony of the MLB (Major League Baseball) season opener at the Tokyo Dome. He also performed a solo otsutsuzumi performance at the Mixed Martial Arts Dynamite event in front of 100,000 spectators at the old National Stadium. He has been active in international cultural exchanges, performing with artists of various genres in Japan and abroad. He has also appeared in numerous commercials, documentaries, and other media, and continues to promote the wonderful culture of Japan to the world.


After gaining experience in Kabuki and other theatrical productions, he founded and presided over “Kenshigishu Kamui” in 1998.
He is a samurai artist who combines formal beauty, theater, and martial arts.
He performed in Tarantino’s film “Kill Bill vol.1” (as CRAZY88-“MIKI”) and taught and choreographed sword fighting (Japanese parts such as the duel in the snow garden).
He has performed at the J.F.K. Center and other venues in the U.S., performed at the Teatro Pergola and Palazzo Vecchio in Italy, toured Europe with performances at the Hermitage Museum in Russia, performed dinner shows at the Armani Hotel Dubai and the Blue Note, and starred in a short film.
He founded his own SAMURAI method, “KENGOKUDO”, and is currently operating dojos in Japan, European countries, and the US.
He was the first Japanese to be awarded the Consonanze Prize for Culture and Arts in Florence, Italy.
He continues to promote “SAMURAI” as Japanese culture and art to the world.


She has studied various genres of dance since childhood and has performed in many large-scale festivals, live performances, stage performances, back-up dancers, music videos, movies, and commercials.
In addition to dance, she also performs with a fusion of tools such as flames, nunchakus, and martial arts, projection mapping, and transparent screens, as well as modeling for photography and video, etc. She is currently working without borders.
Since around 2015, they have been expanding their activities globally, performing in London, Paris, Kathmandu, New York’s Lincoln Center, and Singapore’s Formula 1 Grand Prix.




In 2006, he founded Bugakuza. Performing in Japan and abroad, the company continues to transmit to the world the “beautiful strength” of Japanese Bushido and the “spirit of respect for harmony.
He performed Bugaku “Nobunaga Kuyo” at Talia Milano. He performed the role of Nobunaga Oda in KOEI TECMO’s “Nobunaga’s Ambition” for the first time with full orchestra and game music, and also performed with full orchestra in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In 2020, he will perform “Atsumori” as Lord Nobunaga as an avatar in the VR Tenshukaku of Azuchi Castle.


【雷光炎舞「かぐづち -KAGUZUCHI-」】

A performance project that provides entertainment with flames and lights.
A dynamic and fantastic entertainment of flames and lights that brings together top performers active in Japan and abroad.



【Karin Kato】

Karin is a contemporary dancer.
Her solo invited to Contemporary Ballet Of Asia in Korea 2019. she choreographed installation piece called Flower cage of Ukiyo for Three Dimensional Ukiyoe Exhibition at Ueno Royal Museum, Karin hosted this performance as film project in 2021 in Yokohama. She was chosen to act as a daughter of Hokusai for stage performance The Life Of HOKUSAI. Karin invited to perform at press conference of Rubik’s cube 40th celebration party in front of princess Takamado by Hungarian embassy Nov 2020.





Her path of expression began with classical ballet, which she encountered in her childhood.
After an injury, SeiRa took a detour and left the world of dance.
The melancholic view of the world that she caught a glimpse of through that detour shaped SeiRa’s current style.
SeiRa expresses the present moment, fascinated by the infinite silhouettes created by the body and the catharsis obtained when illuminated by the light.








Special Guest Artists
【The Jayder】

Jesse Franklin (“TheJayder”) currently based out of Tokyo and originally from LA went into fine arts painting and sculpture and media at Otis College of Art and Design. He developed “Jayderism” which is a technique and unique art style that combines cubism and flowing lines that represent nature and progressed to study digital and future technology. A master 3D artist, Jesse has contributed this animation and art technique to award winning music videos such as Gnarles Barkley’s “Crazy” and Justin Timberlake’s “Lovestoned”. He is also a multi Emmy award winner for his contributions in 3D lighting and color correction for “Star Wars The Clone Wars”. For his digital art works, he encompasses body painting. Jesse creates his own NFT collections that showcase Jayderism and his deep love for the mysterious metaverse.





【Noriko Yamaguchi】

Born in Kobe, Japan. Contemporary artist, 3D creator, art director, graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts in 2007 with a degree in oil painting, Kyoto City University of Arts, Kyoto, Japan. 2013-2019: Part-time lecturer at Kyoto University of Arts. 2014: 3D modeler, planning and production position, then in 2020: Visiting associate professor at Taisho University. Organizer of mugwunp since the same year. Currently collaborating with companies to produce art goods, conducting art thinking workshops at universities, and other activities to create connections between society and art. Major solo exhibitions include “Repeated Stories” at (2020), and major group exhibitions include “Rokko Meets Art” (2019).

【Dante Carver】

Dante Carver is an American actor and designer who is active in Japan. He appeared in the TV commercial series of Softbank Mobile, and iwas selected as the most popular male actor in TV commercials, He is expanding his field of activity to voice actors, dramas, and movies. Currently, he has appeared in variety TV shows, fully demonstrating his unique character.
He has an outstanding design sense and is actively engaged in all kinds of collaborative design with various companies. In a project between NBC / Universal and GRACE Co., he designs the fashion line for the movie “The Fast and Furious” series.
He is also known as a big fan of American comics and games, and is often selected as a spokesperson for the industry such as Tokyo Comic Con and Tokyo Game Show.




Music Artists

In 2001, she started his music career as ELECTRICAL LOVERS. The second single “Double Spiral” caught the ear of Norman Cook and was used in FAT BOY SLIM’s “Live On Brighton beach-BIG BEACH BOUTIQUE” (Japanese DVD) and Mixmaster Morris’ mix CD “Ambient meditations 4 The song was used in Mixmaster Morris’ mix CD “Ambient meditations 4” (God bless the chilled), and was highly acclaimed both inside and outside Japan. She is also active as a female creator of remixes for popular artists such as Mika Nakashima and SUGIZO, and soundtracks for hotels and museums.
As a DJ, she has performed at high-brand parties, underground parties, and large festivals such as ULTRA, and her unique groove control, based on her extensive knowledge of music, has made her active not only in Japan but also in Asia, IBIZA, New York, San Francisco, Moscow, Punta del Este, and many other countries. He has been active worldwide.


He has participated and performed in many events at prestigious hotels and embassies in Japan and abroad.
The film “ensemble,” for which he was in charge of sound design, was screened at the 2015 Cannes International Film Festival.
In addition to providing sound sources and direction for Toyota, Tokyo Disney Sea, and many other companies, he also hosts TV music programs and makes radio appearances.
He continues to create sophisticated works with a constant global perspective, including successful activities in London and Tokyo.
He is also actively involved in collaborations with classical and traditional performing arts. He is the director of the “Czech Music Competition” held at the Czech Embassy, and is involved in international exchange activities between Japan and the Czech Republic under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NHK, the Yomiuri Shimbun, and others.

【DJ Takaaki Mori】

He has performed at club events in Japan and abroad, including Burning Man, the world’s largest outdoor art festival in Nevada, the first Japanese DJ at a celebrity club in Amalfi, Italy, a show in Ibiza, Spain, the Mecca of club music, and a DJ at the Koyasan 1,000 Year Festival. He also creates metaverse and VR works.









TOOWAII is written and read as TOWATSU. He is a filmmaker and VJ. His pop, colorful, and rhythmic videos have been appreciated by artists such as film director Hiroyuki Nakano and SUGIZO of LUNA SEA since the beginning of his career. He has provided the video for the Evangelion REMIX DVD, directed the video “100 Earth Lovers,” which was screened at the Aichi Expo, and a documentary on the performance of the stage “DRUG STORE,” written and directed by Shinobu Sakaue.
His short film “ENSEMBLE”, which he directed himself, was selected for the Cannes International Film Festival’s Short Film Corner, as well as the Raindance Film Festival in London, and has been highly acclaimed overseas. He is also expanding his activities to overseas, including fashion events in Taiwan. He is currently preparing a feature film as a new project.


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4. Peppermint handles the transactions of digital and physical goods based on the rights of each asset. There is a dashboard to see the ownership status and certifications to prove the authenticity.

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