UX, Design Thinking and Agile: Defining the Relationship

Mar 03, 2022 at 7:00pm ~ Mar 03, 2022 at 8:00pm

The world of design and product development is seeing a growing number of buzzwords these days, with UX, Design Thinking and Agile being some of the keywords among them. For most of us however, the concept of UX-Design Thinking-Agile doesn’t come across very clearly and their complex relationship can often set us back before we can learn how to create synergies between them. This 1-hour webinar is designed to help you demystify the concepts of and relationship between UX, Design Thinking and Agile. This session will also share some practices and tips about how you can immediately kick-start design and development in an Agile way within your team.



Start: Mar 3rd 2022 at 7:00pm

End: Mar 3rd 2022 at 8:00pm