Blind Wine Tasting and Cheeses Pairing Event at Le Comptoir, Shibuya

Mar 08, 2024 at 7:00pm ~ Mar 08, 2024 at 9:30pm

Come and experience an enlightening blind wine and cheese tasting in a warm bar nestled in the famous Shibuya district of Shoto. Learn to discern subtle flavors and aromas from a French expert while connecting with fellow wine and cheese lovers in Tokyo’s iconic neighborhood.

Each participant will get 6 kinds of European natural wines + a generous selection of 5 kinds of cheese ( mostly French ) + some freshly baked French Baguettes.

You can learn about European Natural Wines & Cheeses and make new connection

Besides socializing, drinking, and eating, we want to spark some fun into the party with a few prizes to win:

First prize: One free cheese box, 800gr size.
Second prize: a free bottle of wine worth 4,000¥
Third to Sixth prize: Discount Coupons of 3,000¥ on the Dinner set

We will facilitate your answers by giving you some quizzes and hints.

The Venue

Le Comptoir began from a passion for delivering “joie de vivre,” – or the joy of living – to people all over Japan through food and natural wines.

They opened their shop in November 2021 inside the famous area called Shoto In Shibuya (close to Bunkamura ).

They recently renovated the bar to create an attractive restaurant space.

This is where we are going to have our Blind Wine Tasting Game.

The Speaker

Alex, the French co-owner, will introduce you to 5 carefully selected fine natural European wines and 5 kinds of cheeses that will give you an authentic taste. He will also manage the Blind Wine Tasting Event.

The Spirits:

Vodka and Whiskey

Samples will be available at the bar, only for testing purposes


Early Bird: ( – 30 till – 20 days advance ) : 8,980¥ + service charge

Advanced Reservation: ( – 19 till – 9 days advance ) : 10,980¥ + service charge

Regular Price: ( – 8 Days advance till Event Day ) : 12,980¥ + service charge

Here is what you’ll get with the entrance fee :

One welcome drink, 5 natural wines, a generous selection of 5 delicious cheeses, service, lecture, and speakers.
Not include service charge: 12%

2 hours and a half of education, fun, and gourmet time ( 7-9:30 pm)

This is a Standing Party limited to 20 people!

Our last Wine Parties were fully booked in advance therefore, you should reserve your spot quickly!

Coming by yourself is more than welcome.

Bring your friends! Couples are more than welcome too!

Facebook Check-in: Write your name as “Going” on our Facebook Event Page and get an additional glass of natural wine!

Feel free to spread the word – forward this to anyone you think might be interested.

**[ from 20 y.o. only. Please drink in moderation ]



Start: Mar 8th 2024 at 7:00pm

End: Mar 8th 2024 at 9:30pm


Le Comptoir


37-15 Udagawacho