March 21–April 20


If you’re feeling low on energy, untie the balloons of distraction (bills, needy friends, business offers that disappear in the mist). You deserve a fresh start to your day and a night’s sleep that refreshes. Venus in Aries is romance in a race car. Jupiter opposite is retrograde, hemming and hawing. Mercury says “Make me comfortable so I can think clearly.” Ready to unite them?


April 21–May 21


It’s still your birthday zone. Happy Birthday! Mercury enters Taurus. Talk comfort levels, mortgage rates, and negotiate with the best of them. What tops off this week is your ability to include yourself in the equation. This helps particularly with job seeking—and finding. Don’t be afraid to ask. Be afraid not to.


May 22–June 21


With all that you have put into place, you could start over, but why? Enjoy taking a walk for peace and quiet as your friends go into frantic overdrive. The Sun in your solar twelfth house shines a light on your dreams. They don’t have to happen all at once. With Ceres in your solar first house, the focus is on you, you, you—and it’s ok, too!


June 22–July 23


As a Cancer, you really need to sink into something comfortable at the end of the day—no one wants a spartan lifestyle for the thrill of it! Which is why Mercury entering your sector of hopes, dreams and wishes brings you a boost. You’ve had a lot on your mind, but now your friends have your back as you charge into new territory. And get comfy.


July 24–August 23


You’re on a roll, you’re having fun. No point in hiding your light, or being shy in the face of greatness. The north node of the Moon is retrograde in Leo, hinting there’s something you haven’t done yet. Whether it’s fine-tooth combing for financial loopholes, or seeking out friends who share your passions, you’re about to enter center stage.


August 24–September 23


The energy you seek is stored in your cells. From the stars’ perspective, they are beacons of light to use when you need them, naturally and effortlessly replenishing. You can access them by allowing yourself the love you deserve, which is to say, fun with friends, work colleagues and time to appreciate how special you are. Mercury, your ruler, enters your spiritual sector this week.


September 24–October 23


Shake-ups are inevitable with Mercury’s connection to Uranus. Pallas Athene, the war goddess, pushes your creativity to the max. Luckily, she has a flair for originality, and shares it with you. Romance holds past-life obligations for you to complete. Don’t worry about getting it all done. It will show up to remind you.


October 24–November 22


Feel like everyone wants a piece of you? Energy fields are swamped with telemetric devices. No longer do you have to be out and about to feel pulled on—it happens while you sleep. Can’t wake up feeling refreshed? That may be why. Mars trines Jupiter, so use this burst of energy for yourself. Go ahead, get over-extended (for a short time only), and do what you really want to do.


November 23–December 22


The variations in weather and moods continue to expand. The linear concept that a trajectory can be counted on has been interrupted by quantum fidgeting. You’re learning to surf the energy waves. Sometimes they’re there, sometimes they’re not. So how do you keep your schedule going? Keep working on yourself. Untie the cords that bind.


December 23–January 20


Moving fast is overrated. Take a moment to breathe and re-center yourself. Mercury is direct and moves into your solar fifth house. This gives the appearance of things slowing down, especially thoughts. Panic not. What’s going on is a deeper pulse, a stronger foundation. With that in mind, you can take the pressure off yourself for awhile!


January 21–February 19


There’s a boost for your energy levels with Mars trine Jupiter. You’ll get more done, and quickly. Then Mercury trines the Moon’s north node, and you really have to play it straight. You’re breaking new ground. This can be literal, or metaphorical. Either way, you’ll notice. You may think, “why me?” The Sun sextiles Chiron. There’s a chance for healing. Go for it!


February 20–March 20


Ever feel tired, but don’t know why? With Neptune as your ruler, Pisces is deep. Your sonar goes way beneath what’s seen on the surface. The same is true for your ability to sense the tides. A swell of feeling and movement can affect you, even if it hasn’t been sighted yet. The Sun sextiles Chiron in your sign this week. Following your heart is likely to be the best medicine.