ANA InterContinental Tokyo Brewer’s Coffee & Bar

ANA InterContinental Tokyo Brewer’s Coffee & Bar

Cafe meets bar in a luxury hotel


When it comes to generous buffets and luxurious tea sets, ANA InterContinental Tokyo goes all out for every theme. ANA is bringing you a brand-new look at the third-floor balcony with Brewer’s Coffee & Bar, opening at a dazzling height overlooking the restaurant. The eatery brings you an eclectic selection of coffee and food, from sweet pairings of cake and lattes to savory dinners and coffee-base cocktails. 

ANA Brewer’s Coffee and Bar Sweet Delights

Thinking fondly of the hotel’s global guest list, each cup of coffee is firstly made through a careful selection of coffee beans. Various methods such as a glowing siphon, hand drip and espresso take part in making your coffee. The espresso is aged for three weeks to produce a deep yet smooth taste. Whether you choose to relax with a cup of coffee or pair a cold brew with cake or a sandwich, you’re bound to go back for more. 

Whether it’s brunch or dinner time, as long as you’ve found yourself in this corner of the hotel you can choose from sandwiches, pasta or salads. Starting off with the sandwiches, they offer a generous start to the list of salmon bagel, avocado toast or beef pastrami sandwiches. The Nourish Bowl is not one to miss either, a grilled vegetable and rice salad topped with a refreshing yuzu dressing, with an option of chicken, beef, salmon or vegan. 

ANA InterContinental Tokyo Brewer’s Coffee & Bar

If you’re looking for a sweeter afternoon, go for the red velvet cake with hints of cherry or the mango kakigori montblanc made from their own kakigori ice shaver. All-day breakfast menus are available as well, with your classic American breakfast of scrambled eggs, pork sausage, bacon, avocado, tomato and toast. 

Enjoy the live music just below the balcony with beer, wine, spirits, mocktails and Brewer’s original coffee-flavored cocktail, the Brewer’s Espresso Martini. 

ANA InterContinental Tokyo 3FL 

1-12-33 Akasaka, Minato-ku, 107-0052 

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